in attendance day 3

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Wednesday, July 18, 7-9pm

Forest City Gallery is pleased to present "in attendance" day 3, 
the second date in a series of events over 5 weeks.

Inspired by recurring themes and ideas of performance and/or “the performative”, in attendance brings together 10 performances and over 20 artists that deal with an eclectic array of performative themes, issues, and practices. 

There will be 5 nights’ worth of performances spread out over the duration of the series. FCG has partnered with LOMAA - London Ontario Media Arts Association and their Broad Topics series to present a number of included artists. Upcoming times will be announced closer to event dates.


in attendance day 3
Public Displays of Art
Featuring Wormwood
Wednesday, July 18
Forest City Gallery (258 Richmond Street)

*Performances start at 7pm*

Day 3 of "in attendance" will feature Public Displays of Art featuring Wormwood. The performances will take place in the gallery and include a moderated talk by FCG Director Matthew Kyba.

“Tuning” explores ideas around communication, connection to self and others. More specifically how this can change from moment to moment moving from harmony to discord and back again. We are drawing influences for the visual, musical and movement elements from the physical act of tuning an instrument. How these relationships can move fluidly between dissonant and harmonious states. The visual pieces, dancers and music working to create an experience of collaborative interaction with each other and the audience. How does dissonant interaction move towards harmony?

Public Displays of Art (PDA) is a multidisciplinary artists’ collective formed in March of 2017. Our members (Hannah Goldberg, Ruth Douthwright, Niki Carr, Dorit Osher and Michaela Altenburg, and Allana Simon) share a long working history and come from diverse art and somatic movement backgrounds, including but not limited to classical, contemporary, folkloric, and social dance, as well as photography and visual art. These eclectic experiences cultivate an innovative, multidisciplinary, and collaborative working environment that results in interactive and consciousness-raising creations. Our aim is to create work that is accessible and immersive in the community in order to engage the public in the arts more often, and we do this by showing our work in public spaces throughout the city. Improvisation-based movement methods are the foundation of our work and they provide an ever-changing landscape of impulses and inspiration derived from our environment and our relationships to ourselves and others. PDA is cultivating this way of working together in which all members have a distinct role and share creative responsibility within the compositional process. To further engage with our community, PDA holds weekly rehearsals as well open community classes in order to provide opportunities for our community to actively engage with and participate in the arts.

There will be two 30 minute performances with discussion of the performance between the sets